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Understand the Quality of Business Being Ceded by Every Company

Audit Focus Re is the only tool available to quickly and easily review 100% of newly assumed policies across every ceding company1 to understand the true mortality risk in your entire book of new business. Your book of new business could contain an accumulation of adverse risk or risk concentrations that differ from your risk assumptions. An Audit Focus review identifies hidden mortality risk so you can take immediate action to improve the quality of recently ceded business.

With Audit Focus you can:

  • Look at every new policy from every ceding company
  • See which cases are outside of your risk tolerances
  • Quickly identify risk concentrations and prevalence of unexpected medical conditions
  • Identify high-risk cases by ceding company to prioritize audits
  • Monitor those companies you are unable to audit
  • View reports by your most important metrics
  • Better manage risk for improved financial performance

Consistent • Unbiased • Quantitative

Advanced Reporting
Deep, broad and accessible information that gives you the complete picture.
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Custom Decision Filters
Information that's tailored to your underwriting priorities.
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1Audit Focus is provided by MIB Solutions, Inc. exclusively to members of the MIB Group, Inc. for assessing and managing their life underwriting risk and not to determine the eligibility of individuals for insurance or benefits. Audit Focus reports are only generated on recently issued policies for which applicants authorized the use of MIB, Inc.'s Checking Service.